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Tanaka T21 New Samurai Mata Merah

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t21 new samurai mata merah, in many ways the best, is a balanced but not amazing gun. both the main and submachine gun market are fairly tight at the moment, so it's likely to be one of a handful of options for anyone looking to add a new squad member. it's also very cheap. it's almost too cheap.

the main advantages of this gun over t16 is its weapon speed and the excellent barrel life. the 120+ round magazine is also extremely useful, though if you are playing as a defender only, an upgraded dmr will likely be a better weapon for you.

there is one weak point though - the rate of fire. while not quite quite the worst when firing at the speed of some other guns, it still only puts out the bullet at the rate of a single shot per second, which can be annoying when playing a defender. generally you can get by if you are a defender for long periods of time, but when playing a player you will have to work your way up to the ridiculously high fire rate of the other guns.

if you do not want to be stuck with t21 new samurai mata merah as your only squad member, see the tips section further down for a way to get by this. if you do, use the video guide for the t21 new samurai mata merah provided here.

although glock pistols are manufactured in the us and hk, the overall quality of the hk pistols is much higher than the us models. it is not known whether this quality gap carries through the finished products. however, the prices of hk models are higher.

since the introduction of the model 34, all glock models have been constructed using the same breech-locking system and some of the earlier versions (to about the 1989 model 10) have interchangeable barrel assemblies. most pistol designs are protected by us patents (basic magazine safety, firing pin, etc. 3d9ccd7d82


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