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[S4E3] All The Young Nudes __FULL__

Best Quote: "I am trying to be more optimistic in life. I've got what, 20, 30 more years left? And my family history says I have less. Now, the old Stanley Hudson would have found something to complain about with this actress [Hilary Swank]. But that's no way to live life. Look at this healthy, sexy, pretty, strong, young woman. Come on people! She. Is. Hot." -Stanley Hudson

[S4E3] All the Young Nudes

In this legendary episode, Jerry, Elaine, George, and Susan head up to Susan's family's cabin, but not before stopping at a house along the way. Residing in the house is a young boy named Donald, a huge fan of Jerry's who happens to live in a plastic bubble for medical reasons. After losing Jerry on the road, George and Susan arrive alone at Donald's house, where a bitter match of Trivial Pursuit ensues.

When the young man is found face-down in a fen the next day, dead from exposure, Ellie arrives as soon as Will and Geordie. She asks for information, but it turns out she knows more than the police. An anonymous tip to the paper gave her a name of the dead man: Chris Hartley. Geordie makes a date for a reluctant Will with Ellie, to have supper at the vicarage that evening.

Sometime after Lorraine was committed to Eichen House, young Lydia witnessed the aftermath of a treatment in which a doctor dilled into her grandmother's head. Her mother, Natalie Martin, was present and yelled at Lydia, Lorraine told the girl her that "they were coming".

Lisa is eager to prove Bingo's innocence, but doing so could ruin their careers, as she is married. Sam assumes that he is there to prevent that, and discourages Lisa from telling anyone about the alibi. He is confident he will find some other way to prove his innocence. After an unusually extended absence, Al finally arrives, and reveals that "Bingo" is actually a younger version of himself; Al accounts for his delayed appearance by explaining that he had been thrilled to encounter his younger self in the Waiting Room.

At that moment, Al appears in a panic. The odds of him being executed are rising by the second! Just as it reaches 100%, Al is suddenly replaced by a more formal project observer named Edward St. John V (Roddy McDowall), an original Project Quantum Leap Head Programmer. Edward, in his upper-crust British accent, tells Sam that according to 'Alpha' (as Ziggy is now known in the changed 1999 timeline) Al was convicted and executed after 3 years in prison. Now Sam remains the only person left who knows the original timeline before young Al's, or "Bingo's" Courts Martial conviction; however, his memories of Al are quickly fading away. Edward, with "Alpha", is able to run calculations and determines the key to Al's innocence lies somewhere in his car. Sam convinces his guard to let him search it, where he finds a cigar. The moment he does, Al returns, replacing St. John with no memory of the brief discrepancy in time or of his brief absence. Sam tells him that he didn't find anything but his cigar, but Al says he didn't begin smoking cigars until he served in Vietnam. The cigar matches those smoked by Al's best friend and wing man, "Chip" Ferguson.

Sam tells Al to talk to his younger self again, and reveal his true identity. He directs the older Al to send his younger self into the quantum leap accelerator. It will only be possible for Bingo to leap into himself, so they should calibrate the accelerator to put him as close to the night of the murder as possible. Although they are sure that most events he will not remember, old Al gives Bingo simple instructions; "Do not let Chip out of your sight on the date of the murder!". Young Al, or "Bingo", is sent back in time, but they aren't sure what date he lands at.

Now that Lisa did not die in an automobile accident in 1957, what does this mean for Al's future relationships? Bingo, the young Al was possibly in love enough with Lisa to for her to forego his womanizing which continued up until at least the time he met his future wife Beth some years later. Although Lisa's survival still does not prevent Al from meeting, courting and then marrying Beth, or the already married Lisa from remaining with her spouse, it's still somewhat surprising that the potential for a relationship was never explored, or never crosses Al's or Lisa's minds. Perhaps it was just what it was: a close friendship between the two young officers, which probably reflected some of the illicit relationships and/or fleeting liaisons which went on among the servicemen and women on the base.

In this episode we see the waiting room on-screen for the first time, including a leapee whose reflection is that of Sam's in his fermi suit (as has been established since the beginning of the series, that the leapees in the waiting room all appear to others as Sam). In this case the leapee in the waiting room is 'Bingo", aka young Al.

A young brunette woman is watching a video diary made by Chloe Sullivan. In the video, Chloe states that something must have happened to her and says that Clark is the only person that can learn the truth of her death. The young woman later drives to the Kent Farm but got lost among the country roads. A lightning strike hits right in front of her car, causing her to veer off the road into the corn field. Suddenly, a group of lightning bolts converge in the air and strike the ground and great a ball of light explodes from where they hit. The energy hits Lois's car, knocking a bunch of corn stalks into her windshield. After the energy dissipates, a circular hole the shape of a pentagon is burned into the corn. In the middle lies a naked Clark Kent, who says he doesn't know who he is. She offers to take him to the hospital, but he instead asks her name. She introduces herself as Lois Lane.

In Paris, Lana is taking photographs on the street when she bumps into a young man who asks her opinion on a gift to celebrate the two-month anniversary of meeting his girlfriend. The man pulls out a helmet and, when Lana shows doubt about the gift, he explains how he accidently clipped her as he was driving by on his vespa. In turn she kicked him off his bike because she thought he was trying to steal her purse. After spending five hours with him in the emergency room, they just clicked. After a bit more banter, it is revealed that the man is her new boyfriend, Jason Teague.

Later that night, Scott and Kira joined Allison, Lydia, Ethan, and Aiden at the Beacon County Sheriff's Station, where they were staking out the building to get ready for the transfer of Katashi's belongings to federal lock-up, among which was the Shugendo Scroll they sought for answers on how to exorcise the Nogitsune without killing Stiles. Allison, who was watching through the parascope on her crossbow, informed Kira that she was up, and the young Kitsune used her newly accessed superhuman speed to race over to the truck and place one of Argent's GPS trackers on the wheel well so they could follow it. Though Kira cut it a little close, she managed to get away without drawing any attention to herself.

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