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Master Electric Circuits with Fundamentals by Sergio Franco and Solutions Manual | 147

Following the success of its first edition, the third edition of this best-selling text on electrical fundamentals is now available to students who want to work out the fundamental elements of many topics from basic circuits analysis to digital electronics.

electric circuits fundamentals sergio franco solution manual | 147


They clearly explain how electric circuits work, introducing students to their components, and they use examples to illustrate their explanations, making the topic both understandable and fun to learn.

This edition of Fundamentals of Electric Circuits is suitable for all students and helps them develop the fundamental concepts used to design, build, and analyze electric circuits. It covers the theoretical background necessary for understanding the examples. This makes it ideal for self-study and provides the perfect, go-to reference on electrical fundamentals for students who are required to solve a wide variety of circuit-related problems.

The book also covers many topics that are used in industry, such as power management, switched-mode power supplies, variable-frequency drives, power electronics, and power quality, and it demonstrates how to correctly perform the basic circuit elements and analyze circuits using Nodal Analysis and the Theory of Electric Machines.

Fundamentals of Electric Circuits, Third Edition, now includes a new chapter on power quality, as well as updates on digital electronics and switched-mode power supplies. This new edition of the book is aimed at all those who wish to comprehend the basics of electricity, including the relationship between voltage, current, resistance, and power.


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