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Hp Jetdirect J8003e Firmware

Older versions of the firmware only support upgrading using the Trival File Transfer Protocol, but documentation regarding this seems to have been removed from the HP website (This also seems to be the method that HP Download Manager used).

Hp Jetdirect J8003e Firmware

For HP Jetdirect devices with firmware versions x.22.xx or later, FTP can be used to upgrade the firmware.If the HP Jetdirect device has firmware version x.24.xx or greater, Embedded Web Server (EWS) can also be used to upgrade the firmware.

The EWS manual says to use ftp, which (along with telnet) has been removed from MacOS 'for security', of course, but I was able to copy over the binaries from an earlier OS version. Unfortunately, that too caused the printer to 'print' the firmware file.

HP Webjet Admin will not even recognise that the printer is on the network and connecting to it shows that it is a "Generic Network Card". Went to _firmware, but no information is available. Please help!

There are a handful of 90's & 00's-era printers on-site that are running JetDirect cards with firmware too out of date to update - catch-22! Our NOC has updated switchport security to deny static IP addresses, and have made exceptions for these printers, but they routinely get overwritten by the config updates they do. From what I can tell, DHCP reliability was addressed in the later FW versions.

I have applied current firmware to older cards in the past without issue. Not sure if any were that old though but I would use the HP Download Manager which automates updates to JetDirect cards and test one. I can see if I happen to have an older one as I have an extensive repository of old firmware. I will check and post back.

Nope, but I can see the typo email/ebay causing confusion. HP lists the firmware they tested upgrading from. I have been able to update from other firmware not listed, so I presume they simply choose not take the extra time to test more than commonly used firmware. I can't be 100% sure I've gone from your firmware, and the devices are older so even when upgrades are supported there is some possibility of complications or device failure.

For example, you mentioned HP JetDirect 610n EIO printserver (J4169A), firmware L.21.11. It could be that this particular JetDirect610n variant is not possible to update due to hardware limitations. Hardwarecomponents used in a model can differ across its variants. Some variants usedflashable memory some not.####

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