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Where To Buy Origami Owl Charms

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Origami Owl is an American privately owned multi-level marketing[3] custom jewelry company operating in the U.S., Puerto Rico, and Canada. The company was founded in 2010 by Isabella "Bella" Weems at the age of 14. The company has over 60,000 independent sales consultants who buy materials and tools from the company and sell products to individuals, primarily at in-house sales parties. The main product is the "Living Locket", a clear-faced hollow pendant which can be filled with a variety of charms that are meant to tell a story.

The company runs a direct sales model that uses independent sales consultants.[6] The company sells materials and tools to the consultants and receives a percentage of their profits.[6] As of 2015, the company sells through more than 60,000 independent sales consultants (which the company calls "independent designers"), primarily using in-home parties.[1][7] Consultants buy kits from the company, including chains, charms, and lockets, and make their own jewelry to sell.[1]

Weems designed and produced the company's first line of products, including its main product, the "Living Locket".[7] The lockets are clear, hollow pendants which can be filled with a selection of charms.[6] The charms are meant to allow individuals to "tell their own story with a locket."[6] 59ce067264


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