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Outcast - Second Contact [cheat]

pressing o during combat will put one of the player's corpse clues (used to track down the player's teammates) nearby the player. if it's stolen, the player can stop to collect the corpse clue and then be attacked by a player that has stolen it. this costs the attacker one life, and it can be done multiple times. note that the first strike will occur on the corpse. the longer the corpse's presence is delayed before being stolen, the more lives it will cost. in addition, it can be stolen multiple times but only one corpse clue is kept by the thief, allowing the player to find his partner.

Outcast - Second Contact [cheat]

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this is the cheat for the most important second contact system in outcast: second contact. this cheat can only be used a limited time and can only be activated a limited number of times. the cheat is activated by a keypress with the use of shortcuts (shift+f9 by default). activating the cheat doesn't make your character invisible, as the cheat is just a visual effect.

this cheat is unique for outcast: second contact. using it, you can throw away your backpack (held in the inventory) before "unlinking" your hud. then, you can throw away your weapons and switch to your backup without any penalty. you can also use it to make the dead bodies of your teammates appear without any penalty. this cheat can only be activated a limited number of times per game.

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