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French Quarter Chicken Recipe Border Cafe

JambalayaWhere to get it: Sweet Soulfood (1016 N. Broad St.)Sweet Soulfood is a cafeteria-style vegan haven that is on the border of the Tremé/Lafitte and Bayou St. John neighborhoods of New Orleans. Their jambalaya is served along with many other rotating all-vegan takes on Southern staples.

French Quarter Chicken Recipe Border Cafe

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Any boneless skinless chicken breast will work for Bourbon Street Bird. If you buy the typical chicken breasts from some place like The Fresh Market (a favorite place of mine for chicken breasts), the breasts will be large and need to be pounded with a meat mallet. If you want to skip this step, you can find thin chicken cutlets at most grocers. This is how I now buy chicken for this recipe. The extra few dollars to buy already thin cutlets is worth not having to pound the meat:-)

KFC's Chicken Pot Pie is a classic. It's packed with lots of shredded white and dark meat chicken, potatoes, peas, and carrots; all of it swimming in a delicious creamy gravy and topped with a tantalizing flakey crust. It seems more like homemade food than fast food. And now it can be made at home better than ever before with this improved hack of my original recipe (found here). The crust now has a better flavor (more butter!), and the gravy tastes closer to the original with the addition of more spices.

It was only a matter of time before the spicy fried chicken made famous in Nashville, Tennessee at shops like Prince's Hot Chicken Shack and Hattie B's would find its way into the mainstream. A dish this good is never contained forever, and KFC became the first fast food chain to give the recipe national exposure. A test run of the new spicy chicken in Pittsburgh was the most successful product test in KFC's recent history.

To make a home version of KFC Nashville Hot Chicken, you first need to prepare the chicken, either using my KFC Extra Crispy Chicken recipe included below, or by baking or frying some of the pre-breaded chicken pieces you can find frozen in just about every grocery store. While the chicken is brining, make the sauce and pour it into a squirt bottle or spouted measuring cup. Apply it to your chicken when it's done (shake it or stir it first!), then top it with dill pickle slices.

The new Mac & Cheese at Chick-fil-A is baked fresh every day, and the recipe is more complex than you might expect from a fast food chicken chain. According to the official list of ingredients, the formula includes several different kinds of cheese including Parmesan, Romano, and award-winning hard cheese from Wisconsin called BellaVitano. The BellaVitano cheese adds a subtle nuttiness to the mix and all three hard cheeses contribute big umami flavor that nicely complements the blend of white and yellow cheddars.

If south-of-the-border flavors are your go-to, you'll dig this cozy American diner with Mexican flair. Typical diner choices like fried chicken sandwiches and cinnamon buns are supplemented by tacos, chilaquiles, chorizo breakfast sandwiches and nachos.

You can make or prep them ahead of time and enjoy the time with friends and family! There are delicious stews, comforting Italian dishes and elegant seafood and chicken dishes. These are tried and tested recipes that our family loves and we think you will too. Enjoy! 350c69d7ab


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