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1920x1080 Plants Vs Zombies Battle For Neighbor...

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1920x1080 Plants Vs Zombies Battle For Neighbor...

SunflowerInfoHealth100TeamPlantsTypeSupportAmmo Capacity50AbilitiesSunny Side Up, Sunbeam, Heal BeamThe sunflower is the main healer on the plants side. She is a support class character whose job is to keep her teammates alive by healing them. She currently has the fastest revive time out of all of the plants. The sunflower's first appearance was in plants vs. zombies level 1-2. She also was the first female in any pvz game. Her zombie counter part is scientist.

For the uninitiated, Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville effectively acts as Call of Duty, but with plants and zombies instead of enemy combatants. Right from the onset, you enter the Plants hub area, where you can practice with the Plant classes at a shooting range, or against bots. Here, you are also introduced to the cosmetic customisation the game has on offer, or you can choose to jump directly into single-player or multiplayer. Similarly, the Zombies have a hub zone as well, and you can freely switch between the two factions as you please.

Battle for Neighborville is a third-person team shooter with both PvP and PvE content. The roster of 20 characters includes returning characters from Garden Warfare 2 and some new additions from the new game. The PvP content is a good mix of objective-based matches and deathmatch variants. The PvE content, on the other hand, is a loose string of fetch quests, leading up to a boss battle at the end. The hub world is the place where the game truly expresses its unique brand of humor. Plants and zombies roam around this space and even challenge one another in the carnival grounds. 59ce067264


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