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Buy Weber Grill Cover

One of the great things about owning a Weber barbecue grill is that they last forever. One of the bad things about owning them is that the designs get changed every five years or so and finding the right parts and cover to match your specific grill can be frustrating.

buy weber grill cover

Saving money on replacement grill parts is nice but that is not the best reason to get a cover for your Weber grill. The absolute best reason to get a cover is that your grill deserves one. Your Weber grill is going to give you decades of grilling pleasure. Show it a little respect in return and protect it from getting covered in bird poop!

All Weber covers made for 2015 are now covered with a three year warranty and come with an integrated storage pouch. This is a marked improvement over the two year warranty that used to be offered for these covers!

If you want to keep your grill looking great and performing well for years to come, then you need to invest in a quality grill cover. Lightweight yet durable, Weber grill covers feature high-quality materials that help protect your grill from snow, rain, sun and more. Find Weber BBQ covers for your Spirit grill, Genesis grill and more at Ace.

Size is one of the most important factors when choosing a grill cover. If your cover doesn't fit just right, then it could leave parts of your grill exposed to the elements, and vulnerable to being ripped away by the wind.

When you buy a Weber grill cover then you know it is designed to fit your Weber grill perfectly. Put simply: generic covers simply won't protect your Weber Genesis grill the way that a Weber Genesis grill cover will. Your Weber BBQ cover provides a snug fit with strategically placed straps so the cover stays on tight.

Whether you have a Weber gas grill, Weber charcoal grill, or Weber pellet grill, Weber grill covers are designed to extend its life. However, some myths have developed surrounding the proper use of grill covers, including beliefs that you don't need to use a grill cover in the summer or that it may cause rusting.

Although some people believe that grill covers encourage rust, this notion is false. Your Weber grill cover can protect your grill from materials that encourage rust, like de-icing salt in the winter or moisture and humidity in the summer.

The Hovergrill adds an additional 247 square inches of cooking with a solid stainless steel grill rack, but it really shines when you've got your eyes on smoking a larger cut of meat like brisket or pork butt. Lifting the meat a few inches further from the heat source makes temperature maintenance less of a pain.

The BBQ Dragon was designed for the impatient charcoal griller. It is literally a clip on gas pedal for lighting charcoal. Functionally, it's a turbo-charged hair dryer that speeds up lighting time significantly.

Turn your grill into a rotisserie with this $180 rotating spit from Weber. The electric motor keeps the chicken (or other poultry, ribs, etc) constantly turning for an evenly crispy and juicy piece of meat. Pro tip: Add a drip pan filled with vegetables underneath the meat to catch some of the flavorful fat.

Introducing our Grillstuff, Made in the USA, Weber Performer Charcoal Grill Cover - the perfect accessory for your 2004 or older Weber Performer grill. This high-quality cover is designed to fit snugly over your grill, protecting it from the elements and keeping it in exellent condition.

Crafted from durable, water-resistant fabric, this cover is built to withstand the toughest of weather conditions. Our Weber Performer Grill Cover is an exceptional 5 Star Rated heavy duty grill cover.

Invest in the Weber Performer Charcoal Grill Cover today and extend the life of your grill. After all, your Performer is at least 18 years old and a valued outdoor cooking appliance, let's keep them working great as long as possible.

All Weber grills can give you good results, but not all Weber grills are created equal. The extensive lineup of Weber gas grills, Weber pellet grills and smokers, and Weber grill accessories are designed for a wide range of cooking styles, outdoor spaces, and budgets. Before you buy, you want to understand the lineup so you can pick the one that suits you best. That's where we come in.

Weber calls the latest iteration of its Genesis series the company's "biggest gas grilling innovation in 15 years," and we've got to agree. These grills really are designed to give you the ability to cook whenever and whatever you want.

Rather than focus on extra flashy features or bells and whistles (that's what the higher-level series are for), the Genesis is sleek, streamlined, and simple. Just take a look at the standout features of the Genesis' design. These grills have Weber's biggest high heat sear zone to date, offering more than enough space for large family cookouts.

And, last but not least, Weber's added a handle light for nighttime grilling. You don't need to turn it on with a knob. Simply raising the hood illuminates the cooking surface, allowing you to keep a clear eye on everything till dinnertime.

Weber Genesis vs SpiritWeber Genesis grills are far sturdier than the Spirit series, and their burners are 30 percent more powerful. Unlike the Spirit grills that require complicated home assembly, the Weber Genesis grills are far less complicated to put together.

Who It's For: People who want to get straight to quality grilling and don't care about extra bells or whistles. It's the ideal inexpensive but solidly built grill that won't rust or stop igniting after a year.

Weber Spirit E-310 grill has the best price vs performance ratio in the entire Weber lineup, with a $569 price tag. This gas BBQ grill is reliable and comes with a 10-year warranty to back up its workmanship.

Just make sure to light up one burner first, to really get the gas flowing to the rest of the burners. Although it may not be the most convenient way to start a grill, you can cook with any number of burners on this Weber Spirit barbecue.

Who It's For: Both ambitious grillers looking to smoke big BBQs, and casual cookers who just want more of a backyard showpiece. It's also for people looking to yield the maximum lifespan out of their new grill, a lifespan backed by a 10-year warranty.

Why We Chose It: We love that it has a specially designed ignition system, since that's what breaks down first on most grills. That tells us that it's really built to last. Beyond that, it's designed to tackle some ambitious grilling and cooking endeavors with its powerful searing and rotisserie elements. It's built to compete with even the highest of high-end luxury grilling models.

Meet the uncontested champion of all things grilling: the Weber Summit S-670. Whether you'd prefer grilling with liquid propane or natural gas, the S-670 has what it takes to deliver across the best of both worlds.

Both models tout an awe-inspiring six powerful burners, and a simply massive 838 square inches of total cooking area, all in a practically indestructable stainless steel body. All the capabilities packed into this gorgeous BBQ set will certainly make you feel like a grillmaster.

The build quality of Weber Summit grills is legendary, and the best part is that the assembly requirements are minimal. You simply need to place the hood and slide the sides into their respective position, snap on the casters, and you're good to go!

It's common wisdom in the grillmaster world that built-in grills are generally engineered for longer-term use than freestanding grills. But if you want a beast of a freestanding four-burner that's made to endure and weather the elements, take a look at the Weber Genesis E-435.

The most striking feature of the Weber SmokeFire EX4 is its ability to reach high temperatures with relative ease, which makes the pellet grill very effective in searing. The Weber SmokeFire operates in a flexible 200 to 600 degrees F temperature range. The porcelain enamel finish on this Weber smoker is durable and maintains its shine for years to come, with or without a cover.

Although we think the grease collection holes can be larger, clogging will happen without basic upkeep. Weber sells pellets in 20 lb bags, which should grill for about 6 hours. We highly recommend that you use Weber pellets since customer reviews point out that pellets made by other brands tend to jam the Weber auger.

The Weber pellet grill SmokeFire is WiFi enabled, and the grill even has an LCD screen. Although Weber is not known for high tech designs per se, we see this as a solid step forward into the future of grilling.

What's nice is that the company also allows access to great recipes and grilling techniques. A word of caution: As with other electronic devices, you may want to do a quick firmware update when you put together your grill.

The highest-quality gas grills feature a lid that perfectly balances all of the features and tasks for which it must be responsible in ensuring a safe, effective and delicious grilling experience. First of all, there must be proper ventilation for safe and quality cooking.

The best grills also offer a highly visible thermometer on the lid to ensure proper cooking temperature easily and seamlessly during preparation and cooking. Because cooking can get messy and grills are often exposed to the elements, a stainless steel control panel can be an excellent feature to ensure that the grill controls hold up over time and under pressure.

Minor features like wheels and storage space might not seem critical to your grilling experience, but over time these sorts of advantages (or disadvantages in low-quality models) can make or break your enjoyment of grilling.

In any quality grill, knobs on the exterior should allow you to independently adjust the flame strength and size of the burner flames, and those burners should run the length of the inner cookbox to ensure even heat and cooking.