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Dine al fresco where the food is always market fresh and the service is unmatched at @breeze_eaupalmbeach ?Indulge in our Maine Lobster Roll featuring brown butter poached lobster, tarragon-chive aioli, and brioche bun; or try a fan-favorite with our Taco Flight where you can mix and match 3 tacos to your liking - mahi mahi, shrimp, or skirt steak.? Open Daily, 11am - 8pm? Happy Hour Daily, 5pm - Close? Sunday Brunch, 11am - 3pm / Live Music 1 - 4pm


Slide into our talent pool for an on-site, in person interview opportunity! No appointment necessary! Just join us on specific dates at 849 General Booth Boulevard, Virginia Beach. Hiring managers can help you find a role that is right for you, and answer your questions. You can also find out more about working at the waterpark or fill out an application by visiting our hiring pages: with us today to gain the thrills and skills for a successful tomorrow.

When designing the Breeze Gatorshell, we stripped away what we deemed nonessential for beginner and part-time paddlers but kept the important stuff, like front bungees, cooler tie-downs, a leash attachment point on the tail, and a planing style hull. Designed in one compact size, 10'6", and weighing just 31 lbs, portability is a breeze. Plus, finding your footing comes naturally with a highly stable 32" wide platform.

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