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The engine, though designed for simplicity and elegance as opposed to feature & eyecandy checklists, still competes nicely thanks to its novel "6-directional heighfield deformable cube octree" world structure that is the basis for its in-game editing. Occlusion culling, pixel & vertex shaders, very accurate lightmapping, robust custom physics system, network system, models, sound, scripting...

Extracts the n-th coordinate of the cube, counting in the following way: n = 2 * k - 1 means lower bound of k-th dimension, n = 2 * k means upper bound of k-th dimension. Negative n denotes the inverse value of the corresponding positive coordinate. This operator is designed for KNN-GiST support.

In addition to the above operators, the usual comparison operators shown in Table 9.1 are available for type cube. These operators first compare the first coordinates, and if those are equal, compare the second coordinates, etc. They exist mainly to support the b-tree index operator class for cube, which can be useful for example if you would like a UNIQUE constraint on a cube column. Otherwise, this ordering is not of much practical use.

In addition, a cube GiST index can be used to find nearest neighbors using the metric operators , , and in ORDER BY clauses. For example, the nearest neighbor of the 3-D point (0.5, 0.5, 0.5) could be found efficiently with:

The > operator can also be used in this way to efficiently retrieve the first few values sorted by a selected coordinate. For example, to get the first few cubes ordered by the first coordinate (lower left corner) ascending one could use the following query:

Makes a new cube from an existing cube, using a list of dimension indexes from an array. Can be used to extract the endpoints of a single dimension, or to drop dimensions, or to reorder them as desired.

Increases the size of the cube by the specified radius r in at least n dimensions. If the radius is negative the cube is shrunk instead. All defined dimensions are changed by the radius r. Lower-left coordinates are decreased by r and upper-right coordinates are increased by r. If a lower-left coordinate is increased to more than the corresponding upper-right coordinate (this can only happen when r < 0) than both coordinates are set to their average. If n is greater than the number of defined dimensions and the cube is being enlarged (r > 0), then extra dimensions are added to make n altogether; 0 is used as the initial value for the extra coordinates. This function is useful for creating bounding boxes around a point for searching for nearby points.

In all binary operations on differently-dimensioned cubes, I assume the lower-dimensional one to be a Cartesian projection, i. e., having zeroes in place of coordinates omitted in the string representation. The above examples are equivalent to:

The LifeSaver Cube was designed to store and carry dirty water. We recommend storing dirty water, either in the cube or in other storage containers, and filtering through the cube as and when clean water is required, to prevent recontamination of previously filtered water.

The online cube builder helps students develop many different skills including spatial reasoning, creativity, problem-solving, and an understanding of 3D objects. Using the 3D cube builder is easy after you experiment with it for a bit. This key will help you:

The Cube offers drone services to groups or individuals for academic projects. Drones can add a unique perspective to your projects with their high-resoultion cameras and additional sensors. Our drones have been used to support projects involving cinematography, photography, measurement of landscape, architectural recreation using photogrammetry, and topological reconstruction from surface photography. If you would like help with your project using our drone services, please schedule a consultation time or email

There are many situations where it would be useful to be able topublishmulti-dimensional dat


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