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Princess Maker 4 Ds Eng Patch


In Princess Maker 3, the daughter is a young faery who desires to become a human princess. The player's task is to help her reach adulthood. In this version, everything said to your daughter and done will help determine your daughter's attitude, social status, and outlook on life. Unlike the previous game, the player has a chance to choose between six occupations. The occupation determines the player's social status in the kingdom, cash at hand, and the amount of yearly wage. The occupation will also affect various factors in the main character, starting with the attitude with which she begins. Along these lines, unlike the previous games where she was either happy, sick, or rebellious, the daughter's attitude can range from happy, to average, to worried, to spoiled. Her attitude will be determined based on both the player's job starting off (Merchant, Performer, Fallen Nobleman, Priest, Retired Knight, and Bard) and how well is she treated by the player during the game. There are 60 endings in this game ranging from the typical ones like General and Hero, to some more distinctive like Gambler and Freelancer. There are also many "magical" endings, with not only the princess ending, but princess of darkness, cats, etc. She can also marry a variety of people.

There are some potentially serious issues with the PC version of the game which may cause the user problems. For example, there is a glitch that causes the game to consistantly crash in some circumstances on December 17th when someone tries to invite your daughter to a Christmas party. Such issues can be fixed via patches that have been released on the official Japanese website for Princess Maker 5. The FAQ section of the official Japanese Website (which can be translated into English using services such as Google Translate) contains said patches.

In the parallel worlds that exist alongside modern Japan, there is unrest in the Human Kingdom, the Realm of Heaven, the Realm of Demons, the Faerie World and the Realm of the Spirits of the Stars. In a show of good faith and an attempt to keep peace and balance in the world, the Human Kingdom decided to crown a princess and eventually a wise Queen who will help pacify each realm. But mysteriously, the candidates for the position of Princess were assassinated one by one. Thus, Cube, a butler and keeper of one of such candidates spirited her away from this world, and erased all memory of her murdered family and torched home so that she might escape the fate of the more unfortunate princesses.

I play this game all of the time for fun, I can read japanese a little bit and Nuriko's Princess Maker site has a nice introductory FAQ on how to get started with the game even if you can read squat of japanese. The best tip when starting the game is to give your girl's b-day October 1 so that she has 13 months to get ready to get 1st place in the first festival. The best is to buy her the winter and summer dress, give her a robust diet for the first 5 months and force her to work in the farm to gain $ and physical strength so that she doesn't die on you. Once her strength is above 120, force her to take a bunch of cooking classes to boost cooking skill to 104 while also boosting sensitivity and combine scold and vacation to reduce stress. She will win the cooking contest on the first try easily and with the $ give her either art classes to make her win the painting contest or boost combat to get 3rd place in the fighting contest.You need you daughter to have decent magic and combat skills to go to adventures where she can get lots of money talking to monsters if her fighting stats are high enough and give supa dupa magic and charisma power boosts by selling her faith and morals to demons in the water adventure. Charisma is kind of hard to boost so selling some morals can be a good deal. In the forest adventure the girl must defeat 2 bandits to free the forest as a requirement to become a princess, the desert adventure she defeats a dragon and gets nice gifts (great place later in the game for easy no stress $) and the mountain adventure should be left for last in the game since in rare instances if her combat stats are good enough the god of war with 999 fighting and magic skill might appear. He is tough to defeat but if you do it he will give you a powerful sword which is needed to become the Princess.So far I have only gotten about 8 or 9 different endings, getting an ending like nun or chef is near impossible and there are dark endings such as thief, bondage girl or queen of darkness. Even if you can't read japanese that well the game is addictive once you get the hang of it. None of the FAQs teach you how to play the card game in the adventure quest, ideally you need good magic and intelligence to have a good edge since most warriors are morons with no magic skills. Even if they pull a terror card on you, if they play a magic card and have no MP, they hurt themselves. Play it!! The girl can also have low morals and start receiving money from random men and marry a rich guy.

This guide is for the Windows version that contains many more endings and events compared to the original PlayStation 2 version. A patcher to translate the interface for the Japanese PC version of Princess Maker 4 into English is available. The patch is free and will not work right on the Korean version.

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Luke's landspeeder races into the town of Anchorhead, nearly running over an old woman. Luke rushes into Tosche Station excitedly telling his friends about the battle above their planet. He is overjoyed to be reunited with his friend Biggs Darklighter who is on planet leave from the Academy. Deak, Windy, Camie, Fixer and Biggs all follow Luke outside to see the battle with Luke's macrobinoculars. The battle appears to have ended and Luke's friends ridicule him for making it all up. This scene was to come just after R2-D2 and C-3PO eject from the Tantive IV in an escape pod, and before the scene where Princess Leia is led captive before Darth Vader. This scene establishes Luke's difficult relationships with his peers, and gives a picture of life on Tatooine. Storyline pacing may have been the deciding factor, but it should also be borne in mind that after Lucas's first screening of the rough cut of Star Wars in 1977, a fellow filmmaker jokingly accused him of producing "American Graffiti in space." This jibe probably influenced Lucas to cut the scenes set in Anchorhead. The sequence where Luke nearly runs down an old woman was an effects shot that was never completed. 153554b96e


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