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Or30 - All Eyes On Me (s L O W E D + R E V E R B)

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9) Worship leaders are not connecting with the congregation. I will say that so many worship leaders get lost in their person time of worship when on stage. Eyes close 4th wall up them and the Lord. The problem with this is clarity of why we are doing what we do. It helps to fully understand just how impactful or time before the LORD is and can be. When coaching worship leaders I remind them that you want people to see and hear the truths and convictions of your heart. Open your eyes and connect. We have a message and it is the most important message ever. When is that last time you saw a well know artist singing there message with their eyes closed the entire song You will not because they want to clearly welcome their fans into that moment with them. It is like magic to see a major artist perform and sing lyrics that you may even have a hard time singing, but they draw you in or turn you off with the delivery of their song. There is nothing wrong with being confident in your gifting. We have to teach our point leaders, that being confident in your message is key on and off the stage. If the teaching pastor taught the whole sermon with his eyes closed what would you think about him BECAUSE WORSHIP IS MORE THAN SIGNING A SONG.)

Enter Tobii and the Eye Tracker 5 fit into the mix! The Tobii solution offers headtracking and eyetracking in 3D space and lets you control the viewpoint in your chosen sim simply by moving your head and/or eyes back and forth. All of that is tracked by the sensors and translated into motion. Tobii goes an extra step above what TrackIR does and mixes eye tracking into the bag of tricks too letting you use just your eyes, just your head, or some combination of both to control the viewpoint. Best of all, it does it without you needing to wear anything on your head which simplifies your sim setup and in some cases makes this a more attractive solution.

I could only test with my setup which includes a 32in 4K monitor. It accurately tracked my eyes right to the edge of the screen so I suspect that their system is more adaptable to larger screens than they suggest in their specs. 59ce067264


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